What’s up Kenya #1 – Boys Dorm, Dome Home, Mama goes to the U.S. and a job opening!

By Torsten


September 6, 2015

Hi all! This is the first update of our new series called “What’s up”. Here we will give you the latest updates about progress as well as our never ending to do list. Without further ado, here is CheapImpacts What’s up Kenya #1.

It’s late Sunday 6th September. Tomorrow the new week starts but before I’ll tell you about our to do list, let me give you a little update of the last weeks.

Since I’m back the following things happened;

  • 27th August: Angela and Leti left back to Spain with 100 aprons. They’re sold out already and ordered another 100! Read their touchingblog post if you haven’t done it yet.
  • 31th August: Nicky left back to Belgium
  • 1st September: David left to Uganda, later he’ll return to Canada. Mama and her daughter Pamela got their U.S. visas approved but later found out that the money needed for the plane tickets was gone. More than 1000 Euros were raised by a church but now got used, as the Archbishop got sick and brought to India for treatment.
  • 4th September: Lawrence, our best friend and hard working Fundi from Uganda is back. Together we will finish the dome house, boys dorm and so many other things!
  • 5th September: After over one month of construction stop we started working again on the sewerage lines and finished 30 meters. The septic tank at mama’s house is full and we need to finish the line this week.
  • Dome House: Generally last week we finished plastering works inside and outside the toilet, cleared the backyard garden and planted grass.

And here’s our TO-DO list:

Dome Home:

  • Plan, build and install skylights for dome house. I’m thinking of a removable metal frame, like an umbrella in a mandala style which carries the glass windows.
  • Plan, build and install windows for dome house. I’m still brainstorming design ideas for the protective steel bars. The windows will be zip-able made out of polythene like for used for tents. A removable insect screen will be installed too.
  • Install the two solar-water-heater pipes on top the two sleeping domes and connect the pipes with the bathroom. Afterwards the pipes will be hidden in the outside plaster
  • We have to sand the entire inside of the dome with a grinder to make the visible brick walls nicely smooth
  • Many plaster joints outside have to be redone for waterproofing. Especially where the domes meet and on top of the windows and arches.
  • Design entrance and backyard door
  • I’ve to think the overall design; and what colors we are going to use inside and outside. That’s quite a big decision and I’m a bit reluctant but be assured I’ll try my best to come up with something amazing! =)

Boys Dormitory:

  • Building stones have been delivered and are now chiseled per hand to be plan on one side for building.
  • We have to continue building the walls
  • Plan water and sewerage connection for the new toilets


  • A chimney is urgently needed in the kitchen hall. Without wind the smoke stays and it’s really hard to breath. This is life-threatening.
  • With the rain-season starting we need to prepare for heavy rains. We build new drainage trenches but need gutters on all buildings to collect the precious rain water for drinking and also divert some into the fish ponds
  • The sewerage line from the Dome Home, as well as Mama’s house and the new boys dormitory has to be completed to the new septic tank on the road side. This has absolute priority.
  • We’ve to find a way to get flights for Mama and Pamela to fly to the U.S. where they are invited for a 4 week fund-raiser in October. Their host is the NGO Ripple Effect Project which is supporting Mama since many many years. This will be the 3rd time for her to go to the U.S. This time they raise money for new school buildings

Next to this; I’ve quite a bit of paper work ahead. One is really exciting. I’ve to write a proposal for a possible sponsorship of food for the school! Jamil, the CEO of Sadolin Paints called me yesterday from Nairobi to tell me about this possibility. Thanks Jamil!! Fingers crossed guys!

PS: We’ve a Job opening! I’m looking for someone to fill the “Volunteer Manager” position. It involves a minimum stay of 6 month here to take care of the volunteer program. The position is unpaid but food and accommodation are complementary. See it as a 6 month free working holiday in Africa! =) I’ll put out a detailed job description soon!

Chat soon,


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