We are excited to introduce you to our newest family member – Thomas from Kisumu. He joined the team in Korando as Better Me’s new Program and Volunteer Coordinator and with his skills and experience he will add great value to our children, our volunteers and our team!

To introduce Tom to you, we asked him a few questions 🙂

Please share with us three things about you.. 
Firstly, I deeply love working with adolescents and children.
Secondly, I value honesty. Its always very important to me that I am honest with everyone, so in turn they trust me and are also honest with me.
Thirdly, I love sports. I play rugby and I enjoy supporting soccer and basketball.

What inspires you?
My family, especially my mom. She did one hell of a job raising us four boys singlehandedly!

And what attracted you to Better Me?
The attitude of the people and the general positive vibe of everyone! I am hoping to better the lives of more children and really to give them a chance to be children, while ensuring they get the best possible upbringing aside from good education.

Thank you Tom! And again, giant welcome to our Better Me and Korando Family!