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social impact

Receiving volunteers from all over the world is a priceless opportunity for our children and the benefits are even higher with a diversity of backgrounds and skills. Join our local teachers at our nursery and primary school. You can participate in the classes, be in charge of the hours of physical education and creative art, support the children that need extra care, design workshops, extra-curricular and holiday activities and join any of our special projects (recycling system, cooking lessons exchange, gardening, reading club and much more). Bring your own ideas! There is a lot to do and it’s a lot of fun!

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sustainable impact

For years, the Korando Educational Centre has been relying on some 14 acres of farm, as well as livestock like cows, pigs, chickens, goats, sheep, fish and rabbits to provide an income. However, the yields are not always good and generally there is a lot of need for improvement. This also includes recycling, composting, perma-culture and other aspects effecting the environmental and financial sustainability.

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Danielle Fahey
Student, United States

“Better Me is an amazing organization! Torsten is so helpful and the Korando Educational Center is incredible; extremely welcoming and caring people all around. This project changed my life and I cannot wait to go back!!!”

Country: Kenya
Capital:  Nairobi
Population:  43.18 million
Official languages: Swahili and English
Currency: Kenyan Shilling (KES)
Time zone: UTC+03:00

Kenya enjoys a tropical climate. It is hot and humid at the coast, temperate inland and very dry in the north and northeast parts of the country.

The Better Me Volunteer Experience is situated at the Korando Educational Centre, just 20 km outside Kisumu. It is the third biggest city in Kenya and situated on the shores of lake Victoria, in the West of the country, close to the border with Uganda.

Our school

The Korando Children Faith Foundation was first established in 1997. Its beginnings were humble and it’s journey long. In 2006 the foundation established the Korando Educational Centre, it’s own non-formal school. Today it is responsible for the care and education of 300+ children who otherwise couldn’t afford basics in life.

At present Korando houses a child care centre, a non-formal nursery and primary school and acts as a sponsor for high-school and university students. It is offering food, shelter, healthcare and education at no cost, thereby creating opportunities previously unattainable.
Aside from education, the children are taught the ideals of respect and love, environmental awareness, social and economic empowerment.
Uniforms and learning materials are provided whenever possible. The focus is only toward the best education with the means available. With no help from the government, the centre survives from agriculture, occasional donations and the strength of its creator: Mama Dolfine.

There are no limitations for the length of stay.

To ensure your contribution’s greatest impact, we recommend a minimum stay of three weeks.

Our volunteer dome home can comfortably accommodate up to 8 volunteers.

This means more people to socialize and travel with, more people to meet from different cultures and countries, more people to share ideas, exchange points of view and create a unique loving atmosphere


School in Kenya is taught in English, which is also widely spoken by the locals.

The local languages are Luo and Swahili and can be learned quickly!


If you are interest and/or have experience in teaching or agriculture: this is the perfect place for you. But anyone with an open mind who is willing to help is welcome! You could teach vocational skills/ sports to our kids and also experience in fundraising, building, environmental protection, health care, financial sustainability and more is needed. We are very keen to any idea that empowers our children and make them grow with love and curiosity.

Your home away from home

You will live in our incredibly designed, clean, comfortable self-contained sustainable volunteer dome home, suited for up to 8 persons and located within the Centre’s premises, as well as a kind, warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Our dome home has 4 shared bedrooms, each with one bunk bed and bedding provided. The big community dome is specially designed for interaction, socializing and relaxing.
The sustainable home features natural lightning, natural air conditioning, grey-water reuse (bring organic soaps!), energy saving LED’s and solar water heaters.
Wifi is available in the house.
We loVe good food

Full-board is included with three meals a day. Our diet is varied and healthy. We eat plenty of tropical fruits!

For breakfast we usually have coffee, tea, fresh fruits, bread, honey, jam and eggs.

Due to the warm temperatures a typical lunch for our volunteers is usually full of vegetables with rice or pasta. We love salad and legumes.

For Dinner we have a great choice of vegetarian dishes and occasionally fish from the lake (local meat on request) served with rice, potatoes, ugali (local maize porridge), skumawiki (local spinach) and/or chapati (local pancake) and fruits for desert.

Our drinking water is filtered from collected rain water. The filter station is inside the volunteer house.
=>> If you have any special dietary requirements, please let us know when you apply for the program so we can make arrangements.
Self-catering is also possible as the house is equipped with a kitchen and grocery shopping can be done easily in Kisumu.
Why a dome home
At first we just wanted to rebuild the temporary school structures and create a sustainable green school and child-care institution using locally available materials.
But soon it became evident that the resources needed for such a project were far beyond our possibilities.
We knew we needed help, but given the number of projects out there, the chance to get seen was small. As a solution we created the vision of the Sustainable Volunteer Dome Home.
It’s unique, attractive and sustainable architectural design in combination with it’s true purpose, turned it quickly into a catalyst for change. A permanent structure that enabled us to captivate an international audience.
Our message was heard and we started to receive helping hands from all over the world!

“Our Dome Home is not just a house, it’s a symbol of love and hope. And it’ll continue to grow the support for Mama and her 300+ children”

Better Me Kenya Sustainable Yellow Dome Home
Volunteer week

First Day: You will be welcomed by our volunteer coordinator and introduced to the children and local staff. If undertaking the teaching volunteering program, you will be introduced to the different classes and assigned according to both the needs and your preference.

A typical volunteer day from Monday to Friday:
07:15 – 07:45 AM Breakfast
08:00 – 04:00 PM Volunteers join their projects
01:00 – 02:00 PM Lunch break
04:00 – 07:00 PM Free time to relax, play and explore.
07:00 – 08.00 PM Dinner
For sure, this schedule is flexible and varies on the need of the Educational Centre and the volunteers.
Better Me Volunteer in Kenya
Volunteer   weekends

During the weekends, you have free time to relax or take the opportunity to explore Kisumu, wider Kenya and Eastern Africa.

A Minivan is available for trips in the area. The Lake Victoria is at our door step, as well as the Impala Park where some of the big five can be seen. Also Kakamega Rainforest, Kenyas last remaining rainforest and Mt. Elgon National Park are within 2-3 hours drive.
Long weekends can be taken to travel further afield (i.e. Mombasa, Uganda or Tanzania), or to embark on a safari (i.e. Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru) with the tea farms on the way offering perfect cultural breaks.
Jinja, better known as the source of the Nile, is located just across the border in Uganda and easily accessible by bus. A lot of activities can be found there such as rafting, kayaking, fishing, mountain biking, bungee jumping, horse riding, etc. A must-see location when visiting Uganda!
You can also initialize workshops or excursions with the kids, the staff or the wider community, or just spend time with us and the children, play football, volleyball and so on.
travel to Kenya

Kisumu has its own international airport, just 15 minutes from our project site.

For volunteers from Europe we are recommending a direct flight with KLM / Kenyan Airways from Amsterdam to Nairobi and a short connection flight with Kenyan Airways to Kisumu.
Our team is happy to assist you in finding the best airfares from anywhere in the world.

Our Program is transparent and all inclusive

icon 59-ac6350140511e58afebf77f881c0c4-4Accommodation in our sustainable Dome Home


icon 59-ac6350140511e58afebf77f881c0c4-4Airport pick-up and drop off


icon 59-ac6350140511e58afebf77f881c0c4-4Healthy homemade Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


icon 59-ac6350140511e58afebf77f881c0c4-4Utilities like Wifi and electricity


icon 59-ac6350140511e58afebf77f881c0c4-4Minivan to explore the area and for Road-Trips!


icon 59-ac6350140511e58afebf77f881c0c4-4Drinking Water, Coffee, Tea, Snacks & Fruits


icon 59-ac6350140511e58afebf77f881c0c4-4Donation towards the Korando Educational Center


icon 59-ac6350140511e58afebf77f881c0c4-4Pre-departure and Visa support


icon 59-ac6350140511e58afebf77f881c0c4-4In-country 24/7 volunteer support

You choose your volunteer period

You can stay for as long as you wish!

All fees (= donations) are listed as per week.


$249per week


$197per week


$186per week


$179per week


$175per week


$171per week


$167per week

WEEK 9-12

$97per extra week


$69per extra week
Where does your money go?

97-128 iconca. 38%

goes directly to cover your upkeep.

This includes food supplies, transport and all utility costs.

school-128-3ca. 59%

is pooled with other donations and directly contributes to improve the lives of our children.

Feel free to ask us specifically where your money will be use for!

Some examples: School materials, teacher salaries, school fees, food supplies for our children, infrastructure, maintenance and so on.

icon editor-attachment-paper-clip-128ca. 3%

is used for administrative purposes like paper work, money transfers and so on.

Why so low?

Well, our team is made of volunteers just like you 🙂

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Sponsor a Child in Kenya - Our high school students at Better Me
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Read what former volunteers say

Davide Casavecchia
Builder, Italy

“Even when the day was wearisome, because there is always something to do, in the evening, when you sit around the table with everyone, you feel happy. And it’s amazing to share this experience with those other extraordinary volunteers, which don’t hold back on anything, even helping me with my English just like those 2 wonderful women, Tania and Georgia, are doing.”

Leticia Prada
Teacher, Spain

“Since the first day we arrived to Kisumu I have felt like home. Mama Dolphine, the extraordinary woman who runs this amazing educational center, the kids, the teachers, Torsten and the other volunteers welcomed us warmly with songs and dancing. It was one of the sweetest moments we have ever experienced. We were so excited and happy that we didn´t know what to do! I couldn´t believe we were already there. My dream had become true!”

Mareile Thies
Scientist, Germany

“I recommend everyone to try what I’ve been doing – it is fantastic! Teaching the Children in the Korando Educational Center is an experience that I will cherish forever.”

Justin Cole
Student, United States

“While the first five months studying at the University of Cape town in South Africa were an entirely new and eye-opening experience on their own, my last month, which I had the privilege of spending at the small Korando Education Center located a few kilometers outside Kenya’s third largest city, Kisumu, profoundly affected me in ways I could never have foreseen.”

Martina Scuka
Finance, Italy

“Mama’s and the local team’s priority is to start a small business and generate some income to face the cost of school fees and the continuous improvement of infrastructure. By the way, the new boys dormitory is great ! There are some ideas and I know I want to help them. I simply feel part of the Korando family and I have experienced and share it’s values. Close to me I have my orange booklet with lots of notes. I’m sure I will start writing stories. I do not want to forget this great experience!”

Angela Frial
Teacher, Spain

“Without any doubt, “Korando Educational Center” has changed my life forever. I will never be the same after my experience there. August 2015 has been and always will be a before and after in my life. I went to Kisumu with the idea of helping, teaching, and giving the children as much as I can, and I came back to Madrid with more things learnt than I taught. I have been a student of the subject of life. I would never have thought that someone can learn that much in only 4 weeks.”

Georgia Bagnell
Student, Australia

“At first I found it odd that Torsten and Simon only responded to Torsty or Simmy (haha). But looking past that, my 4 weeks at Korando was the best experience. From the moment you wake up your day is filled with love, happiness and of course a little bit of chaos (the good kind). The friendships and memories I have because of Cheap Trip are ones I’ll cherish forever.
If you’re tossing up your decision between Better Me and other projects, I’d definitely recommend Better Me! You will get a real insight into the ‘African culture’ and the friendships and relationships you build with Mama, the teachers, the children and other volunteers will inspire you in many ways. Missing you all, love Cho Cho.”

Better Me Kenya Volunteer Experience

Celeste Botha
Team Manager, South Africa

“Had the most wonderful time here. I felt home immediately, and the love received felt unconditional. Mama Delphine is one amazing woman and I was inspired by her story and words of wisdom. So proud of Toto and the volunteers for helping her achieve her dream of helping the community. Would visit again in a heart beat!”

Freda WanSun
Student, China

“I feel that my soul and my heart grew a lot in Africa. They say it’s the experiences you had that define you, not your material possessions. The volunteer experience in Africa with Cheapimpact is one of those, and I really cherish it.”

Nicky Gabriels
Student, Belgium

“Amazing project with great, inspiring people and unbelievably sweet and respectful children. It’s a small organisation, which means that your personal contribution will make a difference. Although the project is still young and you have to be flexible, you will sure have an unforgetable experience here!”

Better Me Kenya Volunteer Experience

Pablo Penin
Police officer, Spain

“I hadn’t gone and i was missing them already. I had one of the best experience in my life with the children, mamma Dolfine and my friend Toto who is doing an amazing labour there! Everyone was so nice with me that now i have a piece of Africa in my heart forever! Miss you all!”

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