Message from Torsten: It’s our 5th birthday and I’m in awe!

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January 10, 2020

Dearest friends and supporters,

Today we are celebrating our 5th birthday and I’m in absolute awe. Back in 2012, when a ripple of events lead me to stay at Korando for the very first time, I had no idea what this moment of fate would continue to bring into my life. Meeting Mama Dolfine and experiencing her wisdom, compassion and care changed the direction of my life for good and it did so for countless others too.

Here is photo of the school when I first arrived.

That little classroom behind the group, with the metal door and metal window, was the first building that we were able to support the school with. Back then, all buildings were made out of mud and many of them were in horrendous conditions. Throughout the years, with the support of countless individuals in Kenya and from around the world, the school evolved into better and better structures.
Better Me Kenya (or Cheap Trip Big Impact as it was called first) was started on the 10th of Januar 2015 as a three month project, actually with the intension to raise funds for a real school building.

I’m so in awe because this week this original dream came finally true!

For the very first time, the children of Korando moved into their new permanent school building thanks to the donors of the Ripple Effect Project! A real school as we know it. Something I used to take for granted, but it took Korando 14 years to achieve this sMilestone.


In absolute celebration of how far Korando and Better Me have come, I wish to send you my upmost gratitude and would love you to know that, in one way or another, YOU yourself have been crucial to make this happen. Like an ocean is made out of countless drops, each fundraiser, each message, each share, each thought, each action combined, gave the children of Korando the hope they have today. Hope, for a bright future.

You will always be in our hearts.

Thank you for being you.

Happy 20plenty!

Torsten Kremser,
Better Me e.V. Cheerman

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