By Torsten


February 11, 2016

Hey everyone,

I wanted to give you a little overview of the things we have been doing since the beginning of this year and it’s been quite a lot!

Just this year we supported the education of our children with almost 4500 Euro. This covered costs for nursery, primary and secondary school up to university.

I prepared this overview of the biggest expenses to give you a greater understanding where your donations are going. If you would like to get a detailed view into our accounting you can just send me an email to We guarantee 100% transparency.

To respect our  university students privacy I numbered them student1, student2 etc.

For easy calculation just use = 10,000 KES = 100 USD = 100 EURO

8th January:

New school books for our primary school = 34,621 KES

University Fee + upkeep 1st Term Student1 = 40,000 KES

Kisian Secondary School Fees installment (23 students in Form 2,3 and 4) = 40,000 KES (Balance 160,000 KES from last year)


23rd January:

Highschool Fee 1st Term 1 student = 10,000 KES

University Fee + upkeep 1st Term student2 = 40,000 KES

25th January

Kisian Secondary School Fee installment (23 students in Form 2,3 and 4) = 20,000 KES (Balance 140,000 KES from last year)

30th January 

Kisian Secondary School uniforms 14 students (Admitted to Grade 1) = 43,400 KES

1st February

University Fee + Upkeep February for engineering student3 and student4 = 30,000 KES

University Fee + Upkeep 1st Semester student5 = 40,000 KES

University Fee February student6 = 6,200 KES

2nd February

Kisian Secondary School Admission: 30 rims of copy paper for 15 students = 13,500 KES (Balance 13,500 for another 30 rims)

Kisian Secondary School Admission: 14 pairs of shoes = 15,000 KES (Balance 6,000 KES)

3rd February

Kisian Secondary School Admission Fee installment 14 students = 98,000 KES (Balance 42,000 KES)

Kisian Secondary School  Fees installment 14 students 1st Term Grade 1 = 70000 KES (Balance 70,000 KES)


4th February

University Fee and upkeep February Student7 = 6,000 KES

6th February

University Fee February student8 = 10,000 KES (1st Term Balance 28,000 KES + 10,000 KES examination registration fee)

University Fee + Upkeep 1st Term student9= 30,000 KES


The list above shows a total of 546,721 KES = about 4740 Euros.

Still, the outstanding balances are enormous and have to be settled bit by bit.

It’s amazing how we have been able to move forward, no matter what, thanks to all you wonderful supporters out there!

In the name of our children I would like to send another BIG THANK YOU to our former volunteer Mareile and the Oberschule (Highschool) Hanstedt in Germany which raised 3758 Euros. Also to our former volunteer Nicky from Belgium who raised, together with friends and family, 235 Euros. Furthermore our former volunteers Angela, Leticia, Justin and their countless family members and friends who supported us incredibly last year! 


What’s next? We need Help!

  • We are in urgent need of 40,000 KES for our university student Abraham. He has to pay his 1st term fees + register for his exam before the 20th of February. He was supposed to do the exam last year already but Mama couldn’t afford it at that time. This time we will make it happen!
  • For our 23 students in Form 2,3 and 4 we still have a balance of 140,000 KES from last year. On top of this are the school fees for their 1st Term of 2016 (about 230,000 KES) of which we weren’t able to pay anything yet. That alone is almost 400,000 KES = 3700 Euro.
  • Our primary school as well as our high-school students need school books costing more than 100,000 KES.
  • Not to mention food, maintenance and construction costs to finish the new dormitory.

And here is where we need Your Help again. Thanks to our volunteers there wasn’t any need for crowdfunding for the last 3 month but now we are facing new challenges which we can’t battle alone. 

Please Help us and spread the word! Every cent counts! Together we will make it happen =)
Click here to donate

100% transparent & 100% guarantee that your donation supports our 200 children!

Thank you!!

Torsten Kremser
Cheap Impact Director

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