Last month our kids got the amazing opportunity to participate at the primary ball games!

Primary schools from across Kenya took part in it and there are 4 different types of games: handball, volleyball, football and netball. Every school has a girls and a boys team for each kind of game. Thanks to a donation from a German volleyball team, the kids could also walk to the field in beautiful sport shirts that strengthened their team spirit.

After the preliminaries, 16 of our kids were chosen to be part of Otonglo zone team which is area around Korando. After playing the “zonals”, the best team as well as the best players of teams who didn’t get to the next round were selected to play on a subcounty level. We are super happy and proud that Lydia, a girl from Korando, made it to the sub-county level and will be part of the team that represents Kisumu-West sub-county!

If she can make it to the next round, she’ll be playing on a county level and after that on a national level, which would be a huge thing not only for the kids! We are very excited and keep our fingers crossed for Lydia. She has the whole Korando family behind her.