Last year I spent two wonderful months at Korando as a volunteer. There was no question coming back one day and this May I took a major part of my holidays to spend two fantastic weeks with my second family. I was really looking forward to that trip as I had the best memories of my time working for Better Me and my expectations were even exceeded. When I saw a part of the “gang” at the airport my heart made a big jump. Few minutes later back at the dome I was surrounded by about 30 kids that welcomed me so warmly and remembered me so well as I had spent two years and not two months at their home.

Back in Germany friends and colleagues are asking me: How was your trip? Did it feel like holidays? No beach, no adventure, no travelling around… what did you do all day long?

I had the best wellness holiday ever, I can only say to them. I did roap skipping and learned how to fly, I took nice walks with very interesting chat partners (miss you Vicky), I had time to chill and read, one second later I sometimes found myself playing in the dirt surrounded by crowds of laughing kids, I cuddled with sweet little monkeys, I practiced two different languages, I had great food (avocados big as rugby balls, awesome cakes and a lot of chapatiii), an open air shower, a ride on a camel… and most important of all: lots of time with lovely people that are so warm and positive and feel like family that every moment is a recharging of your batteries. Could you imagine a better holiday? 😊

Asante sana and of course erokamano for this amazing time! You know it will definitely not be my last visit. Lots of love from Germany