365 Days of Passion & Purpose in Kenya – By Thomas Ogallo

By Torsten


August 31, 2020

For most people, when they talk about work rarely do the words family, love, greater good or purpose come to mind. Well, that is not the case with me. I have been at Better Me for well over a year and the feeling you get here makes it feel more than just an ordinary workplace. This is a family!! 

There are so many things that come to mind when I think about the past year. I could talk about the over 300 children that are supported to get basic education at Korando Education Center or even talk about the over 100 kids who are supported to access High school education but that would not even cover the half of it. Throughout this time, I have had the privilege to spend time with the Kids offering counselling and sometimes just sharing stories or playing games with them. The story of Korando’s children can never be fully told without mentioning Mama Dolfine. She is just an amazing person. I have witnessed first-hand how much love and passion she has for all the children at the center. Mama is the glue that holds everything together and her wisdom and kind words throughout my time at Korando have been a blessing.

When I joined Better Me, the idea of working to change the lives of children really excited me and learning that I would be interreacting with Kids from the slums in Kisumu was even more exciting. Enter Dewo Ngima and the mobile library where I have been working with the amazing Irene. The library aside from teaching children how to read has indirectly provided a safe space for children to come and be children. The experience at the library has been invaluable at changing my whole perspective of how we conduct community work. A perfect example of this was when I was among a team that helped build a house for an old and sick woman who was living with 5 children in very terrible conditions. I am proud to say that she has since moved into her new house and gotten medical care courtesy of our efforts with Dewo Ngima.

As much as I have enjoyed working with children, it is even more special working with the people who take care of these kids. Better Me recently partnered with Armstrong Women. Founded by an energetic and innovative super human called Rebecca, who brought together a group of women most of who are Living Positively with HIV and are very vulnerable yet they take care of so many Kids. I have had a great time sharing with the women during their activities; these women are very hands on and they weave baskets and mats, cook from solar energy and make peanut butter to sell in order to take care of their families. There is always something new to learn from these amazing women!

The support Better Me receives from many beautiful and generous Humans from across the globe is the main reason why I was able to be a part of the above activities. It has been a great joy that a global audience can come to support vulnerable children many of which they have never met, this alone gives me the motivation and passion to push on. I have been privileged to meet part of our global family who have joined us in Kenya as Volunteers and Interns. Well I could go on and on about all the things I have been able to experience over the past year with Better Me at Korando, but that would take away the fun from your own adventure. I welcome you to come and share in this unique and life-changing experience in Kenya. You are welcome to Volunteer in Kenya or be an Intern in Kenya with us!!

Much Love from the Land of always Summer 😊

Thomas Ogallo
Program & Volunteer Coordinator

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