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Today was a bittersweet day- we had to say goodbye to the lovely Tammy who is off back to Minnesota via the Masai Mara! Thank you again Tammy, for all your work getting the curriculum books for us and all the lovely school supplies ready for the year. The kids already miss you!! Good luck for your future, it’s sure to be shiny, and remember to come back! ❤️

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Better Me e.V. is a registered non-for-profit organization in Germany and partnered with the Korando Educational Centre near Kisumu in western Kenya.


A global community of self-responsible, compassionate and curious human beings who work together to strengthen life in all forms.

Mission 2020

To uplift and support the local community of Korando through support of up to 500 vulnerable children by turning the Korando Educational Centre into a sustainable, high quality institution that provides nutritious food, remarkable education, accessible healthcare, a loving environment and offers programs and workshops that strengthen families to achieve a socially and economically empowered community.

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