Why do we close our eyes when we pray, cry, kiss, dream? – By Alessia from Italy

Because the most beautiful things in life are not seen but felt only by the...

Project #AdventureHappiness visits Korando

Mmh🤔 have you ever asked yourself "What does happiness mean to you?"...

Message from Torsten: It’s our 5th birthday and I’m in awe!

Dearest friends and supporters, Today we are celebrating our 5th birthday and...

Merry Christmas from Korando!!


Books4Africa donates 1000 books

Happy Tuesday 😍😍 Christmas🎅🎄 is a time for...

Merry Christmas Season from our Cheerman

Happy Sunday from Kenya! It's this time of the year, when we take a moment to...

New School opens in January!

YES!! We are beyond excited and grateful to the Ripple Effect Project, that...

Help our High School students

Help our High School students Time to be a hero. 😍😍😍...

Beyond School Holiday camp

For us school breaks are a great time to have the children get a new...

Start a Facebook Christmas Fundraiser

Start a Facebook Christmas Fundraiser There are many creative ways to be an...

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Freiwillige helfer in Kenya

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Knowledge and Tools to create a Better World


While providing access to basic and higher education, our programs aim to support the next generation of change-makers with interpersonal, mindset and soft-skills. We firmly believe that every human has the power to change the world and through our work we are empowering youth to unleash their full potential, self-actualize their greatest calling and create a better world for all.

Access to higher education

We firmly believe that Education has the power to change the world and we currently support 116 youth to access secondary education in Kenya.

Beyond School Holiday Camps

Knowledge is the language of the mind, art the language of the heart. Each year we host three holiday camps for 300+ children to foster authentic self-expression and re-connect them to their hearts.

Youth Mentorship Programs

A space designed to facilitate the rising mental-health problems that youth in Kenya face, with focus on mental wellbeing, bullying, gender issues and peer pressure.

Instantly Make Your Impact

Better Me e.v. is a german registered non-for-profit

“I believe every single human, deep inside, is powerful beyond measure. It’s that power, that light, that we are most afraid of. We support youth to unleash their brightest light, for it only needs one candle to light an entire room.”

- Torsten Kremser, Cheerman