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  • Nelson Mandela Day 18th June

    Nelson Mandela Day 18th June is a global call to action that celebrates🥳the idea that each individual has the power to transform the world and the ability to make an impact. In regards to this, [...]

  • Welcoming Tom as our new Program Coordinator

    We are excited to introduce you to our newest family member - Thomas from Kisumu. He joined the team in Korando as Better Me's new Program and Volunteer Coordinator and with his skills and experience [...]

  • Our New School is almost finished!

    We are so happy and grateful that the new building is almost finished. After so many months of hard work we can finally see the place where the kids will soon be studying for a [...]

  • Ball Games Competition

    Last month our kids got the amazing opportunity to participate at the primary ball games! Primary schools from across Kenya took part in it and there are 4 different types of games: handball, volleyball, football and [...]

  • 45 Hours to Korando- by Siva from Fiji Islands, South Pacific

    Our journey started off in the South Pacific and across two continents to get to Korando, Kisumu. A total of 45 hours by flight. The journey was not as difficult as I would have imagined [...]

  • Home is where my heart is -by Tiziana from Italy

    “I know it is difficult leaving the kids but remember we won’t forget them and will work towards supporting and visit them again” I might have thought that message was only a way to give [...]

  • Experiential Learning at Korando – by Madeleine from the US

    One of the first words I learned upon arrival in Kenya is “Karibu.” Meaning welcome, Karibu continues to be a common theme in the way of life in Kisumu, especially at Korando. Nearly two months [...]

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Better Me e.V. is a registered non-for-profit organization in Germany and partnered with the Korando Educational Centre near Kisumu in western Kenya.


A global community of self-responsible, compassionate and curious human beings who work together to strengthen life in all forms.

Mission 2020

To uplift and support the local community of Korando through support of up to 500 vulnerable children by turning the Korando Educational Centre into a sustainable, high quality institution that provides nutritious food, remarkable education, accessible healthcare, a loving environment and offers programs and workshops that strengthen families to achieve a socially and economically empowered community.

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